Wisconsin Federation of Lutheran Altar Guilds

“Celebrating Our 57th Year as Faithful Servants”


Wisconsin Federation of Lutheran

Altar Guilds – 57th Annual Meeting

2018 Convention will be held on April 21

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Our 2017 convention was hosted by a great team of guild members, headed by our vice president, Daryl Jaeger (he is hiding in the corner of the team picture).  You will notice the Thrivent t-shirts, worn to acknowledge the fact that Thrivent provided an educational stipend that helped defray the expense of the convention.  Our thanks to them for helping us.  We really appreciate the cordial way we were treated to the continental breakfast and, of course, the Sheboygan brat and burger lunch with great side dishes!  (A “few“ desserts rounded out the meal.)  THANK YOU, Our Savior’s Altar Guild!

In the center picture you will find Pastors Schulz, Schroeder and Schmitt (say that three times, fast).  Pastor Schulz entertained AND educated us with his presentation, “Name that Sacred Vessel – and Other Altar Appointments.”  In the form of a contest as to who could name the element, Pastor Schulz covered terms like ciborium, chalice, fair linen, purificators, etc.  He stressed the reverence with which we should treat our privilege of making the celebration of Lord’s Supper possible for our brothers and sisters.

As you can see from the display photo, T H Stempers brought many of the products they provide – in their Milwaukee store, and online.  Catalogs were provided, and you can also see their many offerings at their website www.stempers.com.  John Stemper is one of eight children, seven of whom have been involved with the business that dates back to their grandfather’s time.  In addition to providing products and services, they have a consignment center which holds candelabra, statuary, etc.  At the end of our day together, Stempers also provided five gift certificates and some boxes of communion cups.

Our third presenter, Sheriff Todd Priebe, covered areas of safety and security, and as we hope you can see from the picture, his presentation was animated.  A key recommendation is to be aware of your surroundings.  Too often we may enter the church alone, with our arms full, fumbling for our keys.  We can make an easy target in out-of-hours times.  Rather, be alert, make two trips if necessary, and have your key ready.  Inside the church, it is important to have locked areas for wine and communion ware.  Did you hear that part about being aware of your surroundings?

We need host churches for 2018 and 2019 – our Vice President has offered to assist any church that wants suggestions that will aid them in making their gathering as successful as this one.  We also would like you to consider serving as part of our executive committee.  We meet twice a year for planning and keep in touch via email.  In 2018, the positions of Vice President and Secretary will be open.  If you want information about the work, call one of our officers (they are listed on this website).

We gratefully acknowledge all those who made 2017’s meeting an educational and truly pleasant experience.

Questions for this forum may be submitted in advance to Benjamin Seidler

at 715-370-4878 or altarguilds@wflag.org